Photoshoots at Glenview Mansion in Rockville, MD

Located 20 miles northwest of Washington, DC, Glenview Mansion is a wonderful location for portrait photography sessions. With stone arches, long staircases, a large front lawn, and manicured garden, the variety of images that can be captured here is greater than many other nearby locations.

Cherry blossoms in the spring, banana leaves in summer, fall foliage in the old-growth trees, and beautiful architecture make this a great location year-round.

Fees and permits

While there are no fees or formal permits for this location, permission does need to be obtained in advance. Glenview Mansion does not allow photography sessions during events, but planning around those events usually isn’t an issue. It’s worth noting that they do accept last-minute events (funerals, mostly) so the use of location should be planned with at least some flexibility.


Two stone archways on the property make the perfect framing for portraits, and can be used straight-on for more traditional poses or at odd angles for more artsy images.


The long staircase is one of my personal favorite parts of the property and makes for particularly dramatic images.

Formal Garden

The formal garden is a beautiful setting for a more natural feel. The image at left was taken during the summer when banana leaves are full and lush. The right image was taken in early spring when the trees were just beginning to sprout leaves, and tulips are in bloom.

Front Lawn

The front lawn is a great choice for couples and families who would like seated, reclining, or lying images.

Side Field

The informal side field is a great option for families and couples who want a more casual outdoors feel.

Other Locations Around the Property

There are plenty of other little spaces around the property that lend well to photos! Even just facing a different direction will yield a different backdrop and greater variety of images.


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