Frequently Asked

Frequently Asked

Common Questions

I get a lot of questions – and that’s okay. I want you to know everything that there is to know about your session before it happens. That’s why I’ve put together this set of common questions people have – that way you can get the answers you need, more quickly! 

So – when you have questions, check here first. If there’s something you’re wondering that isn’t on the list, feel free to let me know! I’ll make sure you get the information that you need, so that you feel wholly prepared for your session.

What if my children don't listen, or the baby is fussy?

What do you mean IF? 😀

Kids will have energy and their own agenda, especially with attention from me, a stranger with a camera. And that’s OK!

We want them having fun, being silly, and loving on mom(s) and dad(s). We want to capture them in this fleeting state that represents who they truly are.

And tantrums are ok too! I have a few tricks up my sleeve to get them back… and we’ll get some special images in the process.

As long as mom(s) and dad(s) are at ease, relaxed, and smiling, I PROMISE we’ll get some great images.

If the baby is fussy, we’ll troubleshoot! We have plenty of time to feed, burp, or change as needed. If baby is sleepy, they can nap! Sleeping babies are the cutest and I LOOOOVE photographing their sweet dreaming faces!

Will we be posed for our session?

My images focus on familial connections and emotions. I’ll guide you through a series of prompts to get you interacting naturally with your family, and then I’ll help tweak things (hemlines, stray hairs, etc) as needed to make sure everything looks good for the camera.

How far in advance should we book?

If you have a set date in mind, it’s best to book early to guarantee availability. If you’re a bit more flexible, I sometimes have last minute openings that can be booked as late as 48 hours beforehand.

What should we wear?

I’m so glad you asked! Photo-ready outfits are a huge key to getting great images! All of my sessions come with a style guide booklet with “do’s and don’ts” as well as some ideas to get you started. I’m also available via phone, video chat, or text to review photos or videos of your outfits. For in-home sessions, I can also arrive a few minutes early to go through everything together in person.

I also have a small handful of items in my client closet that are available for your complimentary use if you’d like.

How are your sessions priced?

Session fees are “all-inclusive” in that they include everything you’ll need to get a beautiful gallery of images;

  • A non-refundable retainer to reserve your session date and time
  • In person or phone call consultation to discuss the images you want to capture, wardrobe advice for all participants, location options, and any other details for your session
  • Your full length photo session within a 15 mile drive of zip code 20816
  • A full gallery of digital images for you to download from a private, password protected online gallery
  • Access to special rates on heirloom and archival quality photo prints
  • A print release for all images if you’d prefer to use your own printing service
How long does a session last?

It varies a little bit depending on the type of session, number of outfit changes, and number of participants. A general guideline can be found on each photo session page.

How long does it take to receive our completed package?

Galleries take approximately 3-4 weeks to edit, after which time they’ll be made available for immediate download.

What if I lose my images? Do you keep a copy?

Your gallery will remain live for 30 days from date of delivery. After that time, there is a service fee to re-upload the images. I only archive full galleries offline for one year, so please make sure to backup your images!

What is your re-scheduling policy?

All sessions except limited time (mini) sessions include one free re-schedule. Additional re-schedules are $85 per instance. Due to the nature of limited time (mini) sessions, I am unable to allow for re-schedules of those sessions.

What if my child gets sick shortly before our scheduled session?

Except for limited time (mini) sessions, this is covered under my re-scheduling policy. Additional re-schedules due to illness are at the photographer’s discretion only and may incur an $85 fee per instance.

How should I prepare my home for a lifestyle session?

You really don’t need to do much to prepare for an in-home session. After booking, I’ll send you an in-home session prep guide, but spoiler alert, you do NOT need a fully magazine-ready home!

When I get to your home – we’ll walk together to look for pockets of light that will work well for your photos. Any items that might detract from the setting can literally just be moved off to one side where it won’t show in the frame. As for me, parenting a toddler has led me to go blind to piles of laundry or dirty dishes — so don’t stress about those things on my behalf!

Do you choose our location, or do we?

During your consult, we’ll chat a bit to determine which location will be best for you considering distance, personal style, and desired feel of your images. If you have a location in mind, I’m happy to scout it to make sure it will photograph well and will also let you know if there are any additional permit fees associated with it. 

Can my dog, cat, turtle, or pet iguana be in the session?

I love animals and they are more than welcome to join us, IF your session location permits pets, and your pets are well behaved and follow basic commands. If your pet cannot be controlled, I reserve the right to ask you to remove the pet, and end the session if necessary. Please let me know during our consult if you plan to include your pets!

What if I don't want to share my motherhood images?

While I do encourage families to consider sharing these vulnerable images in an effort to normalize breastfeeding as well as celebrate the beauty and intimacy of mothering little ones, there is no pressure to do so and your wishes regarding sharing will be fully respected. No images with exposed breasts or nipples will be shared without your explicit permission. Depending on your comfort level, we may take photos either fully topless, partially covered, or fully covered. We can also take several versions of each image if you’d like a more bare image for yourself, but a more covered image to share with family and friends.

Do you offer any other types of sessions besides those listed?

Absolutely! I offer all kinds of custom options, just let me know what you’re interested in and I’ll tell you whether it’s something I do. Some other genres that I regularly shoot are personal branding (aka “relaxed headshots” or “social media profile photos”), couples, and small events such as birthday parties and family reunions. I do not offer wedding coverage, but have some great recommendations if you’re in the market for a wedding photographer!

Do you charge extra for extended family members?

I don’t mind capturing a photo with one or two extended family members at no extra charge. If they’re planning to join us for the entire session, or if there are a lot of additional people, I will need to charge extra to cover the additional time it takes to photograph and edit those images.

More faces = more blinking = more editing! Additional family members are $45 each in that case.

How does booking work for newborn sessions since we don't know the exact date baby will arrive?

For newborn sessions, I block out a handful of session slots around your due date. Once baby arrives, just let me know and you can choose your session time from a few options.



Allison is amazing! She worked so well with us and our 3 small kiddos. LOVE her style and she is very easy to work with.

- Susan

Allison is a fabulous photographer and genuinely wonderful person! She captured such beautiful photos of me for my maternity photoshoot. I haven't been a particularly gushy mom-to-be, but these photos make me feel so beautiful and highlight this very special moment in my life. I would absolutely recommend her! Thank you, Allison!

- Mary

Allison photographed my maternity pictures and our newborn pictures and was amazing for both! She was always in touch with us throughout the whole process and was easy to get a hold of and flexible with scheduling when our crazy life got in the way! She was kind, considerate and respectful in our home, which is always comforting when you’re inviting someone in to take pictures in your house, and I never felt judged for my piles of papers and (clean) clothes everywhere! On top of all this, her pictures were beautiful! Our toddler was NOT easy either time and Allison never got frustrated or agitated, she went with the flow and was so calm - way more calm than I was! - and she was able to capture pictures of our daughter actually smiling! I was hesitant to take maternity pictures, but I am so glad I did with Allison!

- Jess

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