Beautiful Chaos Family In-home Photography Session Rockville, MD

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Three Little Ones Under Three 

With three kids under the age of three, it’s no surprise that a family session may *feel* like chaos. But this is the beauty of storytelling through lifestyle photography — I highlight the beautiful moments in the everyday, and capture the truth, emotion, and power in your real life.


Those Moments of Tranquility

Just like in your every day, there are plenty of moments of tranquility in a lifestyle-session, and I’ll be right there to capture those as well. The peaceful window of a just fed, about to nap, cozy newborn… the toddler who just wore herself out but isn’t quite sleepy yet… we’ll *get* those images too. 


Getting Dad, and Especially Mom, in the Photo

Moms are notoriously missing from lots of family snapshots – they’re the ones taking out their cellphones to capture the milestones, the ones quietly behind the scenes orchestrating the details at family gatherings and get togethers. It’s so important to make sure they’re IN the photos — when they’re gone, the photos will be all that’s left for their children, grandchildren, and so on. The images of moms interacting with their children that highlight those emotional bonds is part of the legacy they’ll leave, and a wonderful way for children to see how their parents cared for them when they’re older.



Those Details You Don’t Want To Forget

Maybe this isn’t the photo you frame and hang above your mantel… but it’s definitely the one you pull out from time to time to chuckle and fondly remember how your daughter was a tiny phone thief, or could only be bribed with red lollipops. It’s the photo you you look at when you want to remember that sweetly mischievous smirk.

These are the photos you look at and remember a time you read, re-read, and re-read their favorite book so often that you knew every line by memory. The same book, that without the photograph, you wouldn’t remember the name of when they’re older.



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