Meet Allison

Meet Allison

Beauty in Everyday Moments


People always ask me what type of photography I do, and the answer is “anything that captures emotion.” Whether it’s a maternity session showcasing the love, joy, and anticipation of an expectant mother, the complex connections between family members during an extended family session, or highlighting the unique personalities of kids during a children’s session, I want to capture the feeling  and uniqueness of each person and what it was like to be in that moment.

I launched my lifestyle photography business in February of 2019, but I started my professional journey several years before that as a travel photographer. My husband and I were living in London at the time, and I had the incredible opportunity to travel to six continents to photograph the spectacular world we live in. Some of my favorite experiences were tracking a wild puma in the Patagonia region of southern Chile, witnessing the funeral pyres while doing a puja on the Ganges River in Varanassi, India, seeing Masai warriors perform their adumu (traditional jumping dance) in Kenya, getting a flat tire in the middle of nowhere on the northern portion of the Ring road in Iceland, and visiting the ancient Hindu temples in Bali, Indonesia. 

I grew up in Florida and moved to NYC in the early 2000’s after getting my first undergrad degree (psychology! woot!) I was an avid hobbyist photographer at the time, taking mostly photos of my dog and friends on the frequent weekend getaways we took to get out of the city. As a result, I have an embarrassing number of photos of my dog sitting by campfires. 

Some other random facts about my time in  NY: I got a second undergrad degree (design and marketing) from Parsons, ran for and won a public election to be a delegate for my congressional district (it was soooo surreal and cool to see my name on an official NYC ballot!), sat on the board of directors of a non profit organization, fostered displaced Sandy (the hurricane) dogs, and met my husband online!

Shortly after getting married, my husband and I moved to London. While there, I decided to further my photography and camera knowledge by taking classes at The Photographer’s Gallery. I decided to pair my love of photography with my love of travel and become a travel photographer. While life as a travel photographer was always interesting, it didn’t lend well to starting a family, so we made the decision to move back to the states and settle near both of our families in Bethesda, MD. We now have a son, who will be a two years old in August of 2020.

 So: thank you so much for checking out my little corner of the internet! I’m so humbled and thankful that you’re considering allowing me to not only witness, but also document this amazing time in your life. I’m big on finding the beauty in everyday moments, and I hope if you don’t already, you’ll leave your session feeling the same way. It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily grind of chores, errands, and responsibilities… but  I love helping my clients reconnect with the intimacy and beauty of the small moments they share with their family that we all often take for granted. 

Photo credit: Taylored by April Photography



Allison is amazing! She worked so well with us and our 3 small kiddos. LOVE her style and she is very easy to work with.

- Susan

Allison is a fabulous photographer and genuinely wonderful person! She captured such beautiful photos of me for my maternity photoshoot. I haven't been a particularly gushy mom-to-be, but these photos make me feel so beautiful and highlight this very special moment in my life. I would absolutely recommend her! Thank you, Allison!

- Mary

Allison photographed my maternity pictures and our newborn pictures and was amazing for both! She was always in touch with us throughout the whole process and was easy to get a hold of and flexible with scheduling when our crazy life got in the way! She was kind, considerate and respectful in our home, which is always comforting when you’re inviting someone in to take pictures in your house, and I never felt judged for my piles of papers and (clean) clothes everywhere! On top of all this, her pictures were beautiful! Our toddler was NOT easy either time and Allison never got frustrated or agitated, she went with the flow and was so calm - way more calm than I was! - and she was able to capture pictures of our daughter actually smiling! I was hesitant to take maternity pictures, but I am so glad I did with Allison!

- Jess

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